The following foals have photographs and are part of a series of 2021 foal photographs.
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Om-Unzip Me colt 3/7. Bred by Harris Farms, Don Valpredo and Martin Jones.

Grazen-Love Makor colt 2/26. Bred by Darlyne Krieg.

Tamarando-Mother Luck filly. 2/26. Bred by Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Williams.

Vronsky-Team Builder filly 2/24. Bred by Harris Farms.

Om-Christiana’s Heat colt 2/23. Bred by Albert and Kathleen Mattivi LLC.

Conquest Farenheit -Miss Sea Cup filly 2/23. Bred by Rockingham Ranch.

Acclamation-Southern Preacher filly 2/23. Bred by Harris Farms.

Smiling Tiger-Arabesque colt 2/23 Bred by Rodney Orr and Dana Halvorson.

Om-Artie’s Mint filly 2/22. Bred by Sareen Family Trust.

Smiling Tiger-Flamin Amy colt 2/22. Bred by Riverbend Farm.

Om -Quick Song filly 2/21. Bred by Harris Farms and Debbie Winick.

Tamarando-Halo Darlin Colt 2/20. Bred by Mr & Mrs Larry D. Williams.

Om – Lucky Lately colt 2/18. Bred by Harris Farms.

Smiling Tiger- Spring Again filly 2/17. Bred by PT Syndicate #1 LLC.

Prospect Park- You’re A Goat colt 2/17. Bred by My Way Racing.

Smiling Tiger-Kadley colt 2/16. Bred by PT Syndicate #1 LLC.

Smiling Tiger-Royal Grand Slam filly 2/14. Bred by Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Williams.

Danzing Candy-Ros’s Girl filly 2/14. Bred by Darlyne Krieg.

Conquest Farenheit-Fast Breaking News colt 2/14. Bred by Harris Farms.

Om-Tizn’t Caught colt 2/14. Bred by Harris Farms.

Om-Savera filly 2/12. Bred by Sareen Family Trust.

Om-Ruby’s Gone Again filly 2/12. Bred by Harris Farms.

Stay Thirsty-Margie’s Minute colt 2/12. Bred by Jerry & Connie Baker.

Prospect Park-Mme. Espionage filly 2/12. Bred by James Mann.

Om-Ima Tapit filly 2/8. Bred by Trevor Charlton.

Vronsky-Mark of a Gem filly 2/6. Bred by Sharon Pasko.

Uptown Rythem-Harbor Song Colt 2/6. Bred by C-Punch Ranch.

Dialed In-Sensible Girl Colt 2/6. Bred by C-Punch Ranch.

Om-Clouds of Glory filly 2/5. Bred by Harris Farms.

Prospect Park-Memory’s Star filly 2/5. Bred by Riverbend Farm.

Tamarando-Ribbons of Jewels colt 2/4. Bred by Mr & Mrs Larry D Williams.

Uptown Rythem-Tiz Misty filly 2/2. Bred by C-Punch Ranch.

Om-Heat to Perfection filly 1/28. Bred by Don Muldoon.

Not This Time-Perfecta colt 1/28. Bred by PT SYNDICATE #1 LLC.

Smiling Tiger-Cat Five’O colt 1/28. Bred by C. PT Syndicate #1 LLC Jr.

Smiling Tiger-Almost Reality filly 1/27. Bred by Harris Farms.

Desert Code-Easy Song filly 1/27. Bred by Harris Farms.

Smiling Tiger-Sensational Nikki colt 1/25. Bred by John & Lu Mendenhall and Jim & Kathleen Walters.

Smiling Tiger-George’s Peach colt 1/25. Bred by Premier Thoroughbreds.

Desert Code-First Amendment filly 1/22. Bred by Harris Farms.

Om-All That Heat filly 1/18. Bred by Al Kirkwood and Saundra Kirkwood.

Gig Harbor-Heloise filly 1/15. Bred by Ron Davis and Tony Weckerle.

Rousing Sermon-Falling Prices filly 1/15. Bred by Harris Farms.

Smiling Tiger-Magic School filly 1/14. Bred by Harris Farms & Mike and Jeanne Lepore.

Smiling Tiger-Siqueira filly 1/9. Bred by Premier Thoroughbreds.

Smiling Tiger-My Senses filly 1/5. Bred by Harris Farms.


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