The following foals have photographs and are part of a series of 2021 foal photographs.
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Smiling Tiger-My Senses filly 1/5 7:12 pm. Bred by Harris Farms.

Smiling Tiger-Siqueira filly 1/9 Bred by Premier Thoroughbreds.

Smiling Tiger-Magic School filly 1/14 Bred by Harris Farms & Mike and Jeanne Lepore.

Rousing Sermon-Falling Prices filly 1/15 Bred by Harris Farms.

Gig Harbor-Heloise filly 1/15 Bred by Ron Davis and Tony Weckerle.

Om-All That Heat filly 1/18 Bred by Al Kirkwood and Saundra Kirkwood.

Desert Code-First Amendment filly 1/22 Bred by Harris Farms.


Foal Crops from Previous Years