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Clubhouse Ride-Speak Easy Gal Colt 5/23/18, bred by Harris Farms

Cyclotron-South Texas colt 5/22/18, bred by Harris Farms

Acclamation-Logical Single filly 5/19/18, bred by Harris Farms

Jeranimo-Alphabet Kisses colt 5/16/18, bred by Harris Farms

Mr. Big-B Positive filly 5/13/18, bred by George Kirkorian

Clubhouse Ride-Tahitian Lagoon filly 5/12/18, bred by Harris Farms and Don Valpredo.

Mr Big-Summers Peace colt 5/11, bred by Lisa Wall

Clubhouse Ride-Scary Fast colt 5/8/18, bred by Harris Farms

Clubhouse Ride-Kiama colt 5/7/18, bred by Six-S Racing Stable

Tiznow-Unzip Me colt 5/7/18, bred by Harris Farms, Jones and Valpredo.

Tizbud-Asparagus filly 5/7/18, bred by Harris Farms

Tizbud- Miss Midnight Brew filly 5/6/18, bred by Pam Ziebarth

Northern Causeway-Geode filly 5/6/18, bred by C-Punch Ranch Inc.

Acclamation-Team Builder filly 5/4/18, bred by Harris Farms

Daaher out of Tiz Makin Memories colt May 5, 2018, bred by Pamela Ziebarth

Surf Cat-Sunburn colt 5/4/18, bred by Harris Farms

Clubhouse Ride-Cotton Bay colt 5/1/18, bred by Harris Farms.

Tamarando-Charisma Matters colt 5/1/18, bred by Harris Farms.

Grazen-Cielo Dulce filly 4/28/18, bred by Stormy Hull

Clubhouse Ride-Brickyard Helen filly 4/28/18, bred by Alfred A. “Sonny” Pais

Mr Big-Preshow filly 4/28/18, bred by George Kirkorian

Smiling Tiger-JoeandBetty’sbaby filly 4/27/18, bred by Bruce Maller, Highlander Racing Stable.

Grazen-Tiz Zoe Cee colt 4/28/18, bred by Pamela Ziebarth

Mr Big-Memorette colt 4/27/18, bred by George Kirkorian

Eddington-Pogonip filly 4/27/18, bred by C-Punch Ranch Inc.

Metaboss-A Girl Named Em colt 4/27/18, bred by James Anderson

Uptown Rythem-Street Rapper filly 4/26/18, bred by C-Punch Ranch Inc.

Tamarando-No Peso No Dance colt 4/26/18, bred by David McGlothlin

Jeranimo-Doris Johnson colt 4/26/18, bred by Harris Farms.

Clubhouse Ride-Oscillator filly 4/25/18, bred by Six-S Racing Stable

Grazen-Tiz A Classy Lass Colt 4/24/18, bred by Pamela Ziebarth

Mr Big-Quick Chick filly 4/23/18, bred by George Kirkorian

Uptown Rythem-Tiz Misty colt 4/21/18, bred by C Punch.

Animal Kingdom-Honey Bunch Colt 4/20/18, bred by Harris Farms

Jeranimo-Miss Jordana colt 4/20/18, bred by Melvin Simonvich

Circumference-Klute filly 4/19/18, bred by Norm Tavares

Smiling Tiger-Aerial Prancer filly 4/20/18, bred by Superhorse Inc.

Mr Big-Steamy Novel colt 4/16/18, bred by George Krikorian

Smiling Tiger-Margie’s Minute filly 4/15/18, bred by Jerry and Connie Baker

Mr Big-Mark of a Gem colt 4/15/18, bred by Sharon Pasko

Clubhouse Ride-Mesquite by Huddle Up colt 4/14/18, bred by Harris Farms.

Smiling Tiger-Lit de Bet filly 4/14/18, bred by Sharon Pasko

Clubhouse Ride-Bella Roja filly 4/14/18, bred by Craig and Elliot Lewis

Smiling Tiger-Infernal McGoon filly 4/14/18, bred by Dale Mahlum

Wicked Strong-Suddenly Single by Macho Uno, filly 4/13/18.

Clubhouse Ride-Warren’s Jitterbug, by Affirmative filly 4/8/18, bred by Benjamin Warren

Tamarando-Lavender Mine by Mr. Prospector colt 4/8/18, bred by Tree Top Ranch

Tamarando-Aspen Gal colt 4/6/18, bred by Harris Farms

Majestic Harbor-Starry Skies colt 4/6/18, bred by Harris Farms

Clubhouse Ride-Wild Caroline colt 4/6/18

Grazen-Picturesque Harbor filly 4/6/18

Curlin to Mischief-Tall Stepper colt 4/5/18, bred by C-Punch Ranch

Mucho Macho Man-Durant colt 4/3/18, bred by Norm Tavares

Slew’s Tiznow-Redheaded Muse by Street Boss filly 3/31/18, bred by Tom Bunn

Goldencents-Money Plays by Mr Greeley colt 4/2/18, bred by Patricia Elia.

Mr Big-Irish Exchange by Exchange Rate colt 4/2/18, bred by George Krikorian

Vronsky-Go Ruby Go by Rubiano colt 4/3/18, bred by Harris Farms

Haynesfield-Colorbynumbers by Polish Numbers filly 4/3/18, bred by Barbara Corey

Jeranimo-Crown of Light by Popular colt 3/31/18, bred Wade Jacobsen and Dennis Conner

Rousing Sermon-Antares World by Decarchy filly 3/29, bred by Tree Top Ranch

Vronsky-Easy El by Benchmark colt 3/29, bred by Jerry Frankel

Speightstown-Bootleg Annie by Go For Gin filly 3/29, bred by Al and Saundra Kirkwood

Lakerville-Flamingo Lane by Consolidator filly 3/30, bred by Jack Nakkashian, Harry Bederian, and Harout Ramberian

Mr Big-Not Unusual by Unusual Heat colt 3/30, bred by George Krikorian

Mr Big-Somethin Unusual by Unusual Heat colt 3/30, bred by George Krikorian

Vronsky-Tiz Molly by Tiz Wonderful colt 3/28/18 bred by Eric Kruljac, Jim Reed, John Sondereker, Bob Fetkin, and Dick Thornberg

Acclamation-Subpoena the Dress by Johannesburg filly 3/28/18, bred by Harris Farms

Jeranimo-Clouds of Glory by Beau Genius colt 3/26/18, bred by Harris Farms

Mr. Big-Holler by Strong Hope filly 3/26/18, bred by George Krikorian Stables

Uptown Rythem-Tizzy Retsina by Cee’s Tizzy filly 3/25/18, bred by C- Punch Ranch, Inc.

Bold Chieftain-Wild Shenanigans by Wild Deputy colt 3/24/18, bred by Paige Schvaneveldt

Mr Big-Taste The Wild by Taste of Paradise colt 3/23/18, bred by Lisa Wall

Mr Big-Perched by Into Mischief colt 3/23/18, bred by George Krikorian

Summer Front-My Senses by Street Sense filly 3/24/18, bred by Harris Farms

Smiling Tiger-Sioux Zen by Tiznow filly 3/23/18, bred by Harris Farms

Smiling Tiger-Lofty Ambition by Sky Mesa filly 3/22/18, bred by Harris Farms

Rousing Sermon-Royal Grand Slam by Grand Slam colt 3/22/18, bred by Tree Top Ranch

Lakerville-Craven Cottage by Smokester filly 3/22/18, bred by Abrams, Brady Farms, Huston Racing

Desert Code-Toomanytomorrows by French Deputy colt 3/22/18, bred by Harris Farms

Mr Big-Christiana’s Heat by Unusual Heat colt 3/22/18, bred by Albert and Kathleen Mattivi

Acclamation-Top of Our Game by Steinlen filly 3/21/18, bred by Harris Farms

Smiling Tiger-Jilted Lady by Exchange Rate colt 3/21/18, bred by W. Morgan Fussell Jr. and Joseph Wisner

Mr Big-Lovestealer by by Artie Schiller colt 3/21/18, bred by George Krikorian Stables

Unusual Heatwave-Limited Passion by Cactus Creole colt 3/20/18, bred by Jerry Engelauf

Mr Big-Beside Still Water, by Lemon Drop Kid colt 3/19/18, bred by George Krikorian

Tamarando-Chi Chi Nette, by Ole filly 3/18/18

Grazen-Excessive Fashion by In Excess filly 3/19/18, bred by Jim Anderson

Uptown Rythem-Pams Pompallier(NZ) by Volksraad (GB) colt 3/19/18, bred by C- Punch Ranch, Inc.

Upstart-Complimentary by Congrats filly 3/17/18, bred by Elaine Crum/H and E Ranch

Mr. Big-Temeeku by Unusual Heat filly 3/17/18, bred by George Krikorian

Ministers Wild Cat-Tizzy Miss by Cee’s Tizzy colt 3/17/18, bred by Mark Devereaux

Coil-Desert Willow by Desert Party filly 3/16/18, bred by John and Cyndie Borba

Circumference-Campionessa Dolce by Hard Spun colt 3/16/18, bred by C- Punch Ranch, Inc.

Governor Charlie-Cactus Flyer by Cactus Creole colt 3/16/18, bred by Jerry Engelauf

Tonalist-Hong Kong Lake by Friends Lake filly 3/15/18, bred by Willow Tree Farm, Inc.

Clubhouse Ride-Jen’s Tribe filly 2/13/18

Tamarando-Marks Mine filly 2/19

Desert Code-Reality with Class filly 2/9/18

Gervinho-Miss T’s Pryme colt 2/10/18

Clubhouse Ride-Warrens Veneda colt 2/11

Decarchy-Rahbahdabadou colt 2/17

Eddington-Lady Cavalia filly 2/19

Wicked Strong- Hot N Dusty colt 2/17

Mr Big-Miss Graziella colt 2/17

Mr Big-Two Faced Moon filly 2/17

Mizzen Mast-She’s on the line colt

Acclamation -Glorious Luck colt 2/20

Vronsky-Moscow Rising colt 2/19

Jeranimo-Patriot C.H. filly 3/8/18

Bluegrass Cat-Sensible girl Filly 2-28-18

Mr Big-Novel twist Filly 2/22/18

Mr Big-Propero Colt 2/21/18

Mr Big- Twin Spirit filly 1/23/18

Mr.Big-Renegade Heat Colt 2-28-18

Clubhouse Ride-Gannet filly 2/11/18

Mr Big-Daphne’s Day filly 2/20/18

Mr. Big-Game Recap 3/8/18

Lakerville-By Ballot Filly 3/8/18

Vronsky-Common Truth filly 2/11

Not This Time-Camille C, by Roman Dancer filly 3/14/18, bred by Harris Farms.

Jeranimo-Team Decision, by Huddle Up filly 3/12/18, bred by Harris Farms and Double D Farms

Bluegrass Cat-Carrie’s A Jewel by Slewdledo filly 3/10/18, bred by Stormy Hull.

Jeranimo-MME Espionage by Cryptoclearance colt 3/9/18, bred by Jim Mann

Jeranimo-Moving Desert by Desert Code colt 3/10/18, bred by Harris Farms

Acclamation-Bench Glory filly 3/2/18, bred by Harris Farms

Lakerville-Don’t Despair colt 2/24/18, bred by Harris Farms

Bayern-Pocketful filly 2/28/18,

Vronsky-Orange Cove filly 2/21/18,

Clubhouse Ride-Miss Rhythmic filly 2/21/18,

Strong a Mandate-Princess Hillary colt 3/1/18,

Mr Big-Patsy G and Me filly 3/2/18,

Vronsky-Let’s Get Frisky filly 2/25/18,

Governor Charlie-West Coast Dixie filly 3/5/18,

Rousing Sermon-Coastal Skimming filly 3/5/8, bred by Mr. and Mrs. Larry Williams

Lakerville-Brilliant Response filly 3/2/18, bred by Harris Farms

Affirmative-Star Catch colt 3/3/18,

Lakerville-Silber colt 3/1/18,

Clubhouse Ride-Purple Starduster colt 2/25/18,

Jeranimo-Casual Observer colt 3/4/18,

Vronsky-Quickly Gone filly 3/6/18, bred by Harris Farms

Mr Big-Heat Trap filly 3/6/18, bred by Mark Devereaux

Mr Big-Baby Zito filly 3/6/18, bred by George Krikorian

Cairo Prince-Magnetic filly 3/5/18,

Mr Big-Grammy Times Six filly 3/5/18,

Gervinho-Strawberry Flash colt 3/6/18,

Constitution-Palisadesprincess filly 2/22/18,

Tizbud out of Blush With Reality (Run Away and Hide) filly foaled February 23, bred by Pamela Ziebarth

Smiling Tiger out of Wink and Wish filly foaled 2/12, bred by Tannyhill, Tannyhill and Winick

US Ranger out of Above the Grass colt foaled 2/5, bred by Jerry Engelauf.

Rocky Bar out of California Heat colt foaled 2/5, bred by Richard Owens, Triple AAA Farm.

Lakerville out of Margot Machance colt foaled 1/29, bred by Sonny Pais.

Smiling Tiger out of Tizn’t Caught colt foaled 1/26, bred by Harris Farms.

Lucky Pulpit out of Mother Luck by Street Sense foaled January 31, bred by Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Williams’ Tree Top Ranch

Grazen out of Lucky S.J. by Lucky J.H. filly foaled January 9, bred by Rick and Sharon Waller.

James Street out of It’sallyoursbaby by Eskendereya colt foaled January 8, bred by C-Punch Ranch.

Tapiture out of Champagne Exchange by Exchange Rate filly foaled January 4, bred by Pam Christopherson

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