Foals of 2014


The following foals have photographs and are part of a series of 2014 foal photographs.
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Into Mischief out of Hello Sugar colt foaled May 4

Tizbud out of Anita Margarita filly foaled April 22

Lucky Pulpit out of Mme. Espionage filly foaled February 28

Lucky Pulpit out of Love the Chase filly foaled February 22

Thorn Song out of Stringtown Sally filly foaled March 9

Coil out of Serious Heat filly foaled March 8

Heatseeker out of You Can Dream colt foaled March 8

Lucky Pulpit out of Powerofvoodoo filly foaled March 9

McCann’s Mojave out of Coastal Skimming filly foaled March 7

Unusual Heat out of Lady Railrider filly foaled March 3

Lucky Pulpit out of Gn. Group Meeting filly

Heatseeker out of Bea’s Cee colt foaled March 7

Unusual Heat out of Schlossgarten Park filly foaled February 2

Unusual Heat out of Cherokee Toast filly foaled February 2

Lucky Pulpit out of Missy’s Gone Wild filly foaled January 14

Discreetly Mine out of Tiz A Valentine colt foaled January 29

Lucky J.H. out of Lujien Lujien colt foaled January 30

US Ranger out of Usually Super filly foaled January 29

Rallying Cry out of Agua de Mayo filly foaled February 17

Lucky Pulpit out of Love the Chase filly foaled February 2

Lucky Pulpit out of Fever’s Bet colt foaled February 1

Heatseeker out of Madam General filly

Coil out of Soo Steamy colt

Lucky Pulpit out of Joyful Julia colt

Thorn Song out of Watermelon Wine colt

Heatseeker out of Unbridled Joule filly foaled February 10

Thorn Song out of Appetizing filly foaled January 30

Desert Code out of Category Ten filly foaled February 24

Thorn Song out of Book em Babe filly foaled February 25

Lucky Pulpit out of Antares World filly foaled January 21

Lucky J.H. out of Shemariah filly foaled January 29

Thorn Song out of Brilliant Response colt foaled February 24

Unusual Heat out of Team Decision filly foaled February 21

Acclamation out of Super High colt foaled February 24

Desert Code out of Early Evening filly foaled on January 15

Popular out of Desert Pearls colt foaled January 17

Thorn Song out of Lift Our Luck filly foaled January 13

Lucky Pulpit out of Kind Friends’ filly foaled on January 10

Lucky Pulpit out of Can Do It Again filly foaled on January 11

Tizdejavu out of Kathwen filly foaled January 11

Thorn Song out of Tribal Fire colt foaled on January 10

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