California Chrome Presentation on the Floor

It was a GREAT DAY! I only wish all of you could have been with us. Many of the legislators wore purple and green and several legislators spoke about this amazing horse, the connections and the importance of California racing. The Assembly opened the role for co-authors and everyone who was on the floor added on  so we now have 72 co-authors. What you can’t see on the videos is the wonderful photos and interaction with legislators and staff in the Willie Brown Room and the Senate Pro Tempore’s Office. The speaker came in to greet us along with many members in both houses. Even lobbyists were wearing the colors. I had put a story in the capitol publication on Wednesday asking fans to wear to DAP colors. I only wish you all could have been there. It exceeded my expectations. Thanks to all of you for this wonderful horse!

Click on the left side under California Chrome to watch the floor presentations!

Starts at 00:52:50
Starts at 00:26:08

Robyn Black
Platinum Advisors, LLC